Q. What does a UNIT consist of?

A. Keyboard, Monitor, mouse, CPU units and phone (desktop & chair damp dusted).

Q. Do you carry insurance?

A. Most definitely! We take our business very seriously and as such our public and product liability is covered by THIS insurance.

Q. How long does it take?

A. First DEEP clean around 40-50 minutes. However, thereafter 20-25 minutes on a regular basis.

Q. How many times a year?

A. We tailor our service to your business needs. The frequency of our service is generally dependent on the office traffic and enviroment

Q. What else do you clean?

A. Any other office peripherals, Desk printers, fax machines, office printers/scanners/copiers, Dictaphones, franking machines and office fans.

Q. What’s the cost?

A. Our pricing is tailored to your business needs and with the view of repeating the process on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis. The price has consideration for the number of units to be cleaned/sanitised.

Q. When can you start?

A. Consideration for existing work and work already scheduled, as soon as possible for clients convenience.

I can most certainly recommend the services of Hygientec, knowing John to be very reliable, trustworthy and conscientious.

Andrew Jack, Belvoir Lettings Belfast South

I had Hygientec carry out the cleaning of my computer equipment and laptop phones etc. This was carried out to a very high standard and would have no hesitation in recommending the company

Brendan Kearney, Caprica Healthcare

I have used John's services on a number of occasions and have been very impressed with the quality of his work and his complete professionalism at all times.

Allister Mulligan, Desk Warehouse