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Computer and Telephone Hygiene Cleaning, offer specialist office cleaning Belfast. We provide cleaning and sterilising services to office computers and telephones assisting in providing increased productivity and providing essential health care benefits for your staff and business. Hygientec can offer our services to all businesses within Northern Ireland who have at least 4 PC workstations, but have experience in dealing with much larger projects of up to 1200 computers.

If you want to know more about our cleaning services then contact us by phone on 077 90460388. We area available 24/7-365 and will always be glad to take your call. Alternatively you can also contact us by email at info@hygientec.co.uk.



I have used John's services on a number of occasions and have been very impressed with the quality of his work and his complete professionalism at all times.

Allister Mulligan, Desk Warehouse

I can most certainly recommend the services of Hygientec, knowing John to be very reliable, trustworthy and conscientious.

Andrew Jack, Belvoir Lettings Belfast South

I had Hygientec carry out the cleaning of my computer equipment and laptop phones etc. This was carried out to a very high standard and would have no hesitation in recommending the company

Brendan Kearney, Caprica Healthcare

Employers Duty of Care

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, employers have a duty of care to ensure, as far as possible, the health, safety and welfare of staff while they are at work. This includes spotting and addressing possible health and safety hazards to make sure that workplaces and equipment are kept clean.